What’s So Great About Instagram?

Seriously, why do people even need it? Why must every photo now be an Instagram photo? Why did Mashable call Instagram “the breakout social media star of the Olympics“? And why is Facebook paying a large amount of money for it?

Sadly, that question is not rhetorical and I don’t have the answer. Instagram’s Twitter bio identifies Instagram as “a fast, beautiful & fun way to share your photos with friends and family”. Note they say “a” not “the”. Facebook, it could be argued, is a fast, beautiful & fun way to share photos with your friends and family, and same goes for Flickr, Picasa, and many others. It could be said Instagram is more unique because of the photo filters and odd aspect ratio of its photos, but amateur editing abilities surely don’t make the photos quicker to share, or more beautiful (while fun is a bit more subjective).

So what is it about Instagram that encouraged 80 million people to sign up? I’m one of the 80 million, but I wanted to see what the fuss is about. So what about you other 79,999,999 people out there? My lone Instagram shot was one of a chair I’m borrowing in my new apartment and the rest of my furniture in my apartment at the time (an end table and a TV) and I thought adding a subtle filter would make it look more depressing and like a scene of desperation. But in browsing the filters prior to posting I found most of them significantly detracted from the photo quality, and the amount of time I spent looking through them couldn’t be defined as ‘fast’ nor ‘fun’.

I really could’ve just posted this photo as is I think.

If I could sum it all up in question, it’s this: why does the world need Instagram?

Comments and feedback always appreciated.


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  1. I like Instagram because it IS fast and easy. I mainly use it to post photos to my facebook and twitter accounts at the same time…The filters are an added bit of fun, but it’s all about ease of use for me.


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