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Talknowledgy Podcast #108: Black Friday, American Thanksgiving, the business cost of slow performing websites, and more

Phil and Dave talk turkey on this week’s show with coverage of Black Friday and the role Facebook played in this year’s Presidential turkey pardon. We also take a look at foursquare’s dismal 2012 revenue predictions and the latest in the Apple vs Samsung saga.

We have two Hashtag Fails of the week this week. First, we chat about Lindsey Stone’s tasteless Facebook photo that got her in hot water with her boss. We also look at slow performing websites and how much it costs businesses annually when their sites take longer than three seconds to load.

And finally, our YouTube (anti)Hero this week is Nicole Westbrook. Her video “It’s Thanksgiving” has become the third most disliked YouTube video of all time, and it was only released on November 7, 2012.

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Talknowledgy Podcast #107: BB10, Ron Swanson’s Movember video, talking trash with athletes on Twitter, and more

Right off the top of the show we discuss BlackBerry 10, Pinterest brand pages, and Facebook’s rumoured job board.

This week’s “Creepy or Awesome?!” is centred on the recent Twitter outrage when big man Pau Gasol from the NBA Lakers missed the last shot of the game handing the historic club yet another early season loss.

Our YouTube Hero this week is Ron Swanson’s pro-Movember video encouraging men to keep growing their “mos” and raise money for men’s health. It also has some guest appearances from cast members from “The Office”.

Finally, a military sex scandal gets our #Hashtag Fail of the Week. That’s right, the sloppy use of email clients may have lead to the infidelity bust in the David Petraeus scandal.

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Talknowledgy Podcast #106: Donald Trump, Microsoft, Instagram, and Shoppers Drug Mart All Earn a #Fail

A lot of #fail being handed out this week! Before we get to that, we start with the social media reaction to President Obama’s win in Seg 1, and also touch on Hurricane Sandy and Halo 4.

In our second segment, NBC allows you to buy stuff you see in television shows using a smart phone app – Creepy or awesome? We also take a look at the decidedly not awesome comments made by the CEO of Instagram this week.

In our third segment, Obama is so happy about his win he’s singing about it. It’s our “YouTube Hero of the Week!”

And finally, in seg four we dish out the pain with fails going to Donald Trump, Microsoft, and Shopper’s Drug Mart. Tune in and find out why!

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Talknowledgy Podcast #105: Hurricane Sandy, Movember, Uncle Drew, Star Wars goes Disney, social gaming, and more

Plenty to chat about in the world of news this week. We kick off the show by discussing the social media and tech implications of  Hurricane Sandy, the most popular Halloween candy on social media, and the launch of Movember.

In our “Creepy of Awesome?!” section we look at a new Facebook rumor – Users may be able to place classified ads to display to their friends on the social media giant. The main difference between this new feature, and the existing marketplace function, is you now have to pay to have your ad seen.

Our “YouTube Hero” this week is Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving. He reprises his role as Uncle Drew in a Pepsi Max commercial posted to YouTube this past Tuesday. The first video he did, posted May 2012, received 16 million views. Adding to the interest, Irving himself, wrote and directed both commercials.

Uncle Drew: Episode 2

And we couldn’t go a full show without touching on the US Presidential Election, so here’s our Bonus YouTube Hero this week, courtesy of The Simpsons:

Our “Hashtag Fail of the Week” is near and dear to Phil’s heart. Disney announces a new Star Wars trilogy. What do you think super-nerd Phil has to say about that? Tune in to find out!

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Talknowledgy Episode #104: Horses and Bayonets, iPad Mini, Windows 8, RunPee, Iron Man, #BaldforBieber, and more

We have a packed show this week. In the first segment we talk about the final US Presidential Debate – “horses and bayonets” and “the 1980s called”. We also check in with the big tech announcements this week: New iPad (4), the iPad Mini, Blackberry 10, and Windows 8.

Have you ever needed to run out of the theatre to go to the restroom or grab another bag of popcorn? Well, there’s an app for that. This week’s “Creepy or Awesome?!” features an app that tells you when the best time to leave the movie. What do you think?

Phil also checks in with Fiaaz Walji RE: phishing, and we talk about the 25 worst internet passwords. Spoiler Alert: “password” is #1.

Our “Hashtag Fail of the Week” features bald Bieber fans…is it a hoax? Finally our YouTube Hero pits Gangnam Style: Halloween Edition vs the theatrical trailer for Iron Man 3.

 ————————— VS —————————

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How to Podcast

Talknowledgy debuted as a radio show on CKDJ 107.9 in Ottawa in September of 2010. At that time, podcasting was still kind of a new concept to Ted Raymond, my co-host at the time, and I. It was a neat idea to us but we weren’t sure who would listen, how we would get people to listen, where we would post it, and how much time we could devote to that (as we were college students at the time in what is the busiest term of Algonquin College‘s Radio Broadcasting program). Along the way we learned a few things, and I hope this checklist below will give you a starting point if you’d like to create your own podcast someday.

Pick a topic: First things first, what is the topic of your podcast? Is this a topic you’re interested in? Is it a topic that is broad enough that you can find listeners? How will you prove to people you are an expert in this topic?

Find a co-host or co-hosts: You could do a solo show or podcast, but it’s certainly more lively with one or two other people. It also helps if you have others to fall back on in case one of you is unavailable to do one show.

Line up the equipment: Good quality microphones is very important. Great content can be utterly ruined by bad or inconsistent audio quality. Everyone should be using the same microphone, and it should be in a quiet room with a lack of echo. Phone quality is acceptable in small bursts but a co-host should not be permanently on the phone. It gets hard to listen to!

Editing: Having good editing equipment is even more important. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to get! A copy of Adobe Audition is what you need! ProTools, Audacity, and other software will perform a similar function but in my opinion Audition is the easiest to use and does the job quite adequately – nearly every single Talknowledgy podcast was edited down through Audition! (One or two were edited using a radio news software called ‘Burli’ – not recommended for large-scale editing jobs and not cost efficient if all you need is the editing audio capability).

Length: Determining how long your podcast is important, especially if you want to syndicate this content by turning it into a radio show. If it’s purely for the internet, it can be as long as you want it to be and – in my opinion – it should be as long as it has to be. When Talknowledgy was on CKDJ, CKCU, and CFRA, the show was constrained by the ‘show clock’ – it had to be a certain length and couldn’t be longer or shorter. Now that it’s solely a podcast, we get to talk about every story we have lined up for the week! There are advantages to both models.

Schedule: When will your content go out? It can be easier or harder to get play throughs depending when it is released. We settled on Saturday morning because it was easiest from a recording standpoint and because we had a good number of clicks. By contrast, Friday night did not work for us at all. Your mileage may vary.

Get a podcast host, get a website: This will set you back a few bucks, but both are necessary. Find a podcast host that has a good billing structure based on your needs, looks presentable, gives you an RSS feed, makes it easy to embed audio, and helps spread the word about your podcast effectively. As for a website, WordPress is one avenue if your budget is tight or you aren’t all that web savvy!

Eventually you’ll want to look at things like budget, a content strategy to bring in more traffic to your website, a division of work among your partners, a promotion strategy, and many other things…but if you have the above figured out, you’re ready to start!

Good luck! Post a link to your podcast site in the comments – would love to check them out and chat with you about podcasting!




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